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POL Clothing Wholesale

POL Wholesale Clothing

POL clothing is a wholesale women’s fashion company that was incorporated in Los Angeles in 2009. The company sells a variety of clothing and accessories meant for different classes and personalities. The target market for the clothing is the young and free woman.



– Outers

There is a variety of long fur jackets in both the vintage fur styles and contemporary styles. The outers are offered in many colors

Sweaters and tops

Pol Clothing has a variety of stylish, casual, and official apparel sweaters and tops for the modern woman. It has really worked on ensuring that they cover different personalities having come with different stylish prints and materials. The most common stylish tops and sweaters include the carbonated tops, tank tops, hooded pullovers, baby doll tops, cardigans, and many others.

Dresses and bottoms

There is a variety of short and long dresses, free, fitting and flare type as well as a variety of neck designs. There are also women skirts, pants and shorts that come out of prints and materials.


Pol has the classic women denim skirts, dresses and outers that beings the street-style look while are at the same time remain stylish.


There are currently many handbag styles available from POL that includes clutches, totes backpacks and cross-body handbags. Women have a choice of leather, fabric, faux leather, and suede handbags according to their tastes.


Pol also offers a wide range of accessories to enhance the feminine look. They include scarves, hats, necklaces, and bracelets. The accessories come in traditional classic type as well as the contemporary jewelry designs. As for the scarves, there is a choice of woven, fleece, fur, and fabric scarves on sale. As for the hats, the common styles include the wavy lip panama hat, wavy lip cartwheel hats, burgundy vintage hats among others.

Pol Rewards

Pol awards wholesale buyers depending on the points that they have earned with the fashion store. One dollar earns one point. Buyers who earn 1000 to 5000 points get 2% off. Those that earn over 5000 points to 20000 points earn 3% off. Those that earn over 20000 points earn 4% off.

There are also periodic promotions and discounted offers at the POL Clothing website . Seasonal clothing also comes at a discounted price. There are also offers for given days. To shop at the website you need to create an account by filling your personal details and someone will contact you.

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Women's Wholesale Clothing Brand Review

POL Wholesale

Addreess: 735 E 12th St #108, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Customer Service: 310-715-1247

Email: info@polclothing.com

Business hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00 PST

Website: www.polclothing.com

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