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Vocal Apparel Wholesale Clothing

Introducing Vocal Apparel – Los Angeles’ Leading Wholesale Women’s Clothing maker

In the face of the rapidly changing Wholesale Women’s Clothing world, one brand that’s seemingly thriving thanks to its versatility and dynamism is Vocal Apparel. Pretty much like the name suggests, this garment creation line has been churning out top quality, cute, contemporary and suave women’s attire of elaborate designs. It was founded over a decade ago, but the moment, the way it has slowly and gradually carved itself a name in the highly competitive women’s fashion world is mesmerizing.

Vocal Apparel has evolved into a one-stop shop for those who like a major women’s clothing shopping hub. For ardent fashion lovers, it is the need for classy and stylish attire for those women of Los Angeles and the greater US that has bolstered its popularity. But, unless you visit their online shop or one of their renowned stores, your wardrobe will not get a nice retouch.


What makes Vocal Apparent your #1 Clothes designer of 2017?

With a name, so one of a kind, a design team so passionate, history unrivaled and lots of sassy, trendy and fashionable products for fashion-savvy Los Angeles, Vocal is truly VOCAL. It is a brand that perfectly serves the needs of those ladies who fancy a modern look with a vintage twist. In fact, it is one of the greatest makers of cool ladies cardigans, designers shirts and sweaters, leggings and other feminine clothes in the US.

One feature that indeed makes this clothes maker one of the industry’s game changers is the fact that everything they offer come with a mark of quality. Every piece of cloth sold in each of their retail stores – whether it is the Faux Suede Cardigans, Studded Leggings, Bling Shirts or vests with pockets, are made in the US. Vocal Apparel is based in L. A, California where everything from cutting, dyeing, printing, storing and sewing to dispatch is done.

If you visit one of their main stores or decide to shop on their online store, one great incentive that you will readily like is how their products are impressively priced. There are way too many garments made with the finest materials and incredibly arranged for all to visit, view, try themselves on and buy. It’s no wonder famous fashion lovers, and women celebrities flock Vocal Apparel.

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Vocal Apparel Wholesale

Address: 920 S. Crocker St, Unit 101-103, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Customer Service: 213-746-4002

Email: info@vocalapparel.com

Website: www.vocalapparel.com

She + Sky Wholesale Clothing


She + Sky Wholesale Clothing

She and Sky: Celebrating the Female Form By Adorning it With The Best Styles

It’s Valentine’s Day already! How the days fly-by. Just the other month we were had our list of everything we wanted to accomplish in 2017. It’s a safe bet to assume somewhere in your New Year’s resolutions list you wanted to look glamorous. Well, we are here to make sure you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, without breaking the budget. At She and Sky, you’ll find everything you’ll need to look glamorous this Valentine’s Day, and any other day for that matter. Let’s look at some offerings you can take advantage of right now.


Plus Size Collection

Don’t you just hate it when every online store you visit doesn’t have a dress in your size? Or when you see a really nice dress, but they don’t have it your size? Well at She and Sky, you won’t have that problem.

The Plus, Size Collection category, has all the top styles in more sizes, which means you have lots of options. You’ll find everything you want here. If it’s that cashmere top your friend flaunts around every time you go out, you get it in your size! Not only that, there are lots of tops, bottoms, and dresses to choose from. The only limit is your imagination.

Valentine’s Dresses Category

This is a special category for the hottest red dresses in town this month. But who is to say you can’t wear some of these numbers on other special occasions? It’s all up to you, but this Valentine’s you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in one of She and Sky’s Valentine’s dresses.

But don’t get carried away too much. Remember we said you can wear the dresses on other occasions as well? That means you have to have a bit of forethought before you buy a dress. You want to make sure that the dress you are buying can work out for other occasions. Keep away from the over-flowery dresses, or the Valentine’s themed dresses and you’ll be okay.

Whimsical Style

If you are in the mood for something adventurous, and practical summer dresses, you want to check out this section. Here, you’ll find lots of floral or earth-toned dresses cut short and styled for summer adventure.

The dresses work out well with almost everything you have in your closet when you pick out the right color. That means if you have several dark high boots, get a light colored dress from this section. But who are we to teach you how to match your attire? You’ll do just fine on yourself.

Sweaters and Tops

If you are looking to upgrade your tops and sweaters, check out the tops section for a variety of everything. There are long sleeved, short sleeved, sheer, sequin, and embroidered tops. Sweaters also come in broad variety of cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters, hooded sweaters, and knit sweaters.

A Little Bit More About She and Sky

Remember we mentioned that She and Sky will not dent your bank account? We forgot to tell you why.

She and Sky is a Los Angeles wholesale clothing company. That means the apparels are priced just right, and Los Angeles being the central district of the whole country, you’ll never fall behind the latest trends.

The crew behind at She and Sky take their time to select only the best. That means you are not buying into fads that last a couple of months. The dresses, and everything else will trend for a long time. That means you’ll always be looking glamorous and chick every time you wear them.

Another thing you should know about She and Sky is that they take their business very seriously. The clothing company isn’t just about making a quick sale. They are about celebrating the female form. They are looking to make women everywhere feel empowered, gorgeous, and confident. Shopping at She and Sky will leave you feeling so good about yourself, that you’ll make everyone else around you feel the same.

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Sky + Sky Wholesale

Address: 1100 S. San Pedro Ste B-2 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Customer Service: 213-765-8000

Email: showroom@sheandsky.com

Website: www.sheandsky.com