Mystree Wholesale Clothing


Mystree Wholesale Clothing

Mystree is a wholesale women’s clothing brand that is located in the heart of Los Angeles. It was founded in 2006 with the aim of creating a unique boutique line that would offer contemporary women with elegant, high-quality clothing and accessories. It has since grown to become leading source of off-price merchandise. Besides, it manufactures two labels that have gained increased traction with mass merchants and one-price retailers: Mystree and Eco, an organic clothing label.

Mystree is one of the few wholesale women’s clothing brands in LA area who are chiefly knit-driven. The brand is well known for its intense focus on ruffles, sweaters, crotchets, laces, and a huge variety of prints. It’s this unique fashion trend that has enabled Mystree to cut a niche for itself among young contemporary women who desire something practical, yet chic.

As you might have already inferred, Mystree and its vibrant online store offer services exclusively to those seeking to buy merchandise on wholesale. So, if you want to buy a single sweater or top, Mystree is not for you.


Vibrant Categories

For ease of browsing and purchase, Mystree has placed its items into recognizable categories. These include:

New Arrivals: Everything that just hit the market, from sweaters, denim jean, tops and dresses to jackets and every accessory in between, is available in this section. This way, you don’t have to do lots of research to deliver trendy and hot items to your customers.

Denim Jeans: Here, you’ll find all sorts of denim jeans – tops, bottoms, and so on.

Jackets: If you want to purchase a huge variety of blazers, coats or vests, this is the place to look. Find them in all sorts of colors, prints, styles, fabrics, and prices.

Dresses: This section list a broad range of dresses for the contemporary women. You will be able to order them in a huge variety of sizes, colors, prints and so forth.

Tops: A whole line of stylish and affordable tops at wholesale prices.

Bottoms: Equally exciting, the bottoms are available in a huge selection.


Due to logistical reasons, Mystree allows wholesale buyers to order their merchandise early enough to avoid backlogs and take advantage of even lower prices.

Customer Service

Much like any other wholesale women’s clothing brand, Mystree has a dedicated phone line and email exclusively for customer service.

Return Policy

Mystree has a return policy much akin to most women’s clothing wholesale brands – 5 days to claim all returns. They also assess 30% restocking fee on the value of the product. Most clients haven’t any problems executing returns for damaged or defective merchandise.

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Women's Wholesale Clothing Brand Review

Mystree Wholesale

Address: 2115 E. 27th St. Vernon, CA 90058

Customer Service: 323-973-2586



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