Essue Wholesale Clothing


Essue Wholesale Clothing

Essue Clothing, better known as Essue is a women’s clothes manufacturer and wholesaler in the heart of Downtown LA fashion industry. Their women-only collection includes contemporary, stylish Rompers, Tops and Bottoms, Dresses, Bodysuits and other Outerwear. One of the most notable features about this brand, however, is how they manage to stock clothes of incredible quality at unbeatable prices.

This LA based women’s clothes maker and a wholesale seller is very much known for designing and releasing top-quality casual wear for ladies. You should just look at their Romper collection or how their dress collections suit the warm summer. They have a vast collection of bodysuits, tops and bottoms, pants, skirts and warm, comfy and superior outerwear.

A glimpse at their online shop reveals perhaps the most detailed, edgy and exotic women’s outfits. Right from their funky and fashionable Romper collection designed to suit women of all sizes and shapes to the silky soft, loose fitting dresses, this design house is indeed among the best. In fact, it is the quality of their products that place Essue among the best, go-to stores today.

Their broad list of latest trendy and unique fashion garments is specially tailored to suit the needs of a modern, sassy and fun-loving lady. Women’s Bodysuit by this brand oozes a distinct touch of modernity. In fact, there is a huge list of them – both the black ones and the glitzy, graceful and romantic types, to choose from.

For the best summer outfit, maybe something to wear to the beach, ensure that you visit their showroom. Again, if you need an outerwear to adorn during the chilly and unwelcoming winter season, do visit their shop. There’s a huge list of winter outerwear collection, expressly made for both the young and older women.

While it is undoubtedly true that Essue has grown to be an iconic store for ladies’ casual and everyday outfits, their showroom in Downtown LA has even more amazing choices to choose from. It is where one can buy as many of Essue Rompers, dresses, bodysuits, bottoms and tops, pants, skirts and other outfits, affordably. It is also the only place where quality products are ridiculously cheaper.

There are a lot to mention about Essue, but one thing worth writing about is their warm and courteous customer service department. They are respectful, keen to detail and ever available to make every experience smooth and one-of-a-kind. But don’t forget to check out their Instagram!

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Women's Wholesale Clothing Brand Review

Essue Clothing Wholesale

Address: 1100 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Customer Service: 213-395-0025



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Essue Clothing
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