Cotton Candy LA Wholesale Clothing


Cotton Candy LA Wholesale Clothing

From the heart of California is yet another Wholesale Women’s Clothing Brand that, according to the description, is made “for and by rad girls.” Cotton Candy LA isn’t your regular outfits store, but rather a store made for those ladies who prefer not to follow trends. Yes! It belongs to those whose fashion outfit are inspired by art, music, vintage, movements of the recent past and nearly anything.

You probably know this seemingly attractive wholesale ladies’ outfits seller because of its vast variety of beautiful products – tops, Slip dresses, wrap dresses, velvet dresses, sweaters and bomber jackets. Sure, they manufacture perhaps the finest women’s selections, including Bloomingdales and that’s why they have a wide following. But to others, Cotton Candy LA offer arguably the excellent wholesale discounts on nearly all of their items, especially during selected seasons.

Cotton Candy LA is focused on the forefront of fashion and strives to relentlessly achieve it, and deliver unmatched outfits for every girl. To better understand this, you just have to look at how their products sell, even outside their major retail stores in California or even online. The women’s apparel designer and manufacturer partners with over 2,000 boutiques all over the world.

And, while this prominent ladies’ clothing maker has a name in the dynamic world of women’s fashion clothes, the vast styles, colors, patterns and sizes justify the reason for such a feat. All the products arrive with a guarantee of quality and some of them regularly feature in the company’s special events that happen regularly.

Cotton Candy L.A.  has its head offices in the Arts District of L.A., a premise that doubles up as an ideal hub for the clothing brand’s impressive collection of ingenious apparel designers. However, the special events, including PURE LONDON, FAME NYC and the rest takes place at selected locations across the world. If you love fashion and would like to be part of their entourage, always be on the lookout for their upcoming events.

You can shop for the clothes and accessories from Cotton Candy LA right in their large showroom or just visit their online portal. Moreover, all their over 2,000 retail stores and boutiques located all over the globe stock up original and authentic Cotton Candy LA outfits and apparel. Just remember to follow their social media feeds for regular updates.

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Women's Wholesale Clothing Brand Review

Cotton Candy LA Wholesale

Address: 735 E. 12th St. Suite #103 Los Angeles, CA 90021

Customer Service: 213-741-1655


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 2 reviews
by Iris Lee on Cotton Candy LA
Cotton Candy

I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i own a bomber and a tshirt from there and i wear them on a daily basis. Love them and can't wait to get more!!! People with the bad reviews are totally wrong. Their customer service was great, and the quality of their clothes are too!!

by Courtney Trotter on Cotton Candy LA
favorite brand

One of my favorite brands to have in the shop! Love how items are a little edgy but still girly. I've been ordering with them for about two years now and have never had any issues with their customer service!

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